Complete Mechanical Service & Repairs

  • Electronic troubleshooting and repair 
  • Electrical repairs and modifications 
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Complete engine repairs 
  • Complete brake repairs including ABS systems
  • Air Conditioning service & repair 
  • Full-line suspension and steering service
  • Routine factory recommended services 
  • Clutch system repairs
  • Front end/ four wheel alignment 
  • Driveline services



Check out for Purchase

Everyone wants to get a great car at a bargain price. But a cheap price on a car may mean you are buying expensive repairs you don’t know about yet – and that is no bargain. At Cornerstone Automotive, we will perform the following tests on any vehicle you are considering.

  • Visual Examination 
  • Electrical System 
  • Air Conditioning Evaluation
  • Engine Performance 
  • Drive Train 
  • Suspension Test
  • Steering Quality
  • Tire Condition
  • Brakes Condition
  • Odometer Check
  • Service Records - Ask for service records. Many private owners proudly display their maintenance history books as a selling point. A new car dealer may provide this information if the vehicle originally was purchased and serviced there.